A Healthy and Fit New Year!

Did you know that the average American gains approximately 7 pounds between Thanksgiving and  the new year? While the holiday season is often very rewarding, the less than healthy holiday season diet and decrease in physical activity can be particularly problematic for the older adult and lead to decreased cardiac function, increased arthritic pain, weakened muscles, and lower energy levels.

A great way to invest the renewed vigor that often comes with the start of the new year is in personal training. At Alameda Elder Services we offer personal training specifically designed for the older adult. Working with a personal trainer is a tremendous experience, you receive one on one guidance during your workout, periodic revisions to your workout program to help ensure results, and someone to motivate you toward achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

If you’re interested in having a little help (or your own cheering team) as you work to reach your fitness goals this year, please contact us at Alameda Elder Services – we’d love to work out with you!