Peter K. Kindly Completes Year 1 With Elders Inn

Sometimes the accolades for our co-workers come easy and write themselves.. Safe to say there’s no shortage of praise for our dear friend and coworker Pete K. Pete’s the kind of guy that when he comes into the room you’re just glad he’s there and lights up every situation with a supremely positive attitude and a friendly charm that is all his own. Pete makes easy friends with everyone he comes in contact with and if quizzed by anyone in the company, including our residents and family members, there’s not anything you can say bad about the guy at all. He always shows up and works hard wherever he’s needed and since he’s the the right hand man of our Head of Maintenance, Ryan H., he’s everywhere Ryan can’t be and covers all the gaps with experience and skill in all things maintenance and handywork.

So here’s a big pat on the back and a handshake to a real gentleman and one of the nicest coworkers our AEC Living family has seen, Pete K. Thank you for being apart of the better part of our residents and coworkers lives.