Natalie F. Receives Praise on her 4th Year as HR Assistant

Natalie first started out as Reception at the Lodge, but soon found her way to being the lead Reception at Elders Inn in less than a year. Not one year later Natalie was selected as our lead HR Assistant under Moira, helping good employees start off with the right foot. Natalie has shown that she’s the aptitude and dedication to fill the HR Assistant role at the main office and is never hesitant to ask a question to make sure the job is done right. As a result, things run smoothly and have been a great transition to Natalie where the experience of others has been a strong teacher and the traditions of the desk have been passed down.

Thanks for being there for us Natalie it’s a been a good 4 years with you, and we hope to have many more with you as you continue to grow with us.