Doug A. Maintains his 7 year Lead as Environmental Services At The Lodge.

Our dear affable Doug is apart of the AEC Family always full of stories and never hesitates to help when called upon. Doug is celebrating his 7th year at AEC living after splitting up much of those years between the Inn and The Lodge. Performing regular maintenance duties as well as the spotless upkeep of the building’s appearance. If you have walked into The Lodge recently, and noticed that things look rather sharp and well-kempt.. you can thank Doug and the tireless efforts of his crewmates on the job clearing the halls of any debris that could be considered hazardous to our residents and also keeps our residents safe from germs by making the common areas of the building sanitary and hospital clean.

Thanks, Doug for 7 years as being apart of AEC Living,  your help with the maintenance team, as well as being a friend to the residents and staff.