Carmen V. is Commended Vociferously on her 19th Year at the Lodge

Our veteran nursing staff at The Lodge has held such a tenure that they’ve seen it all and will not turn their noses up at any situation.. since they’ve quite possibly seen it all and been through it all. Carmen’s no exception to this rule and as such, she spends a lot of her nights at the Lodge as the woman at the wheel, she runs the ship smoothly as our medication nurse and is the primary authority on the job. But there’s never any stress because Carmen always knows what to do and if you have any questions every answer is direct and matter of fact. In fact, I’ve never seen her stressed while on the job. Quite the feat to remain calm and level-headed for over 19 years, but I suppose that’s why she’s continued to receive praise from our PCA staff as well as our Care staff for as long as we’ve known her.. which is also the reason why she’s garnered our respect here today.

Great Job Carmen. We really appreciate your work and you’re one of the best we’ve got on the job.. here’s to 19 years!