Care Giver Tip Tuesday “Keep it in Perspective”

#CargiverTipTuesday When you’re dealing with people and there’s a routine of daily life developing, it might be easiest to just go numb and roll through the motions.. It then becomes difficult to stop yourself from objectifying the person you care for; especially when the person has advanced stages of #Alzheimers or seems to lack familiar interaction. But the challenge isn’t to wake up from your routine, so much, but to imagine what it might be like for a person struggling with the issues you seek to help alleviate for them as a #caregiver.
Think about chronic pain and how difficult is really is to think straight that time you broke a bone or twisted your ankle.. or being so terribly frustrated because you lost your voice and couldn’t talk.. the same goes for a resident who struggles to find the words while suffering form mild cognitive impairment or aphasia. If you stop to think, you know that you might have been in their shoes at least once or twice and can find a way to relate.
From there it becomes a simple matter of “treating other people, as you wish to be treated” and can do your very best to give the best care imaginable.
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