#Caregiver Tip Tuesday: Low Level Light Solutions for Seniors

One of the problems we face as we age is deteriorating eyesight, poorer night #vision and #cataracts.. as such visual aids like larger type, readers/bifocals, and text to speech readers are a must. For example, one of our favorite gifts to pass out for new residents and at holiday time is a bathroom nightlight. Nobody wants to turn on the bright overhead light when your eyes have adjusted to the dark and further, bright lights and dilated pupils create a huge dazzling, starry eyed problem with people with cataracts. (*_* )
Having a low level light solution for guiding a senior to important areas, such as the light switch, the thermostat, or knowing what to avoid bumping into in the hallway is just the thing you need as a caregiver. This tip again from #AARP suggests that you purchase some phosphorescent/glow in the dark tape to guide your resident safely once the lights are out. It’s a cheap and clever solution that doesn’t look too out of place and is a functional asset for a #senior in your care.
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