Milon C. Marks 19 years as Elders Inn ACA and One of Our Most Trusted Employees

Shout out to Milon who remains the rock of the PCA and ACA crew at Elders Inn for 19 years. Whether it’s passing out medications in her long stint at the Med Aide position, or rallying the rest of the staff around a cause for the residents. Milon can be counted on to be the foundation for our staff at Elders Inn. She creates the dynamic and is the strongest spirit and most experienced of the staff at the Inn. And that’s mostly because she’s a very calm and strong personality.. who can be the harbor in the storm if there’s a crisis that arises. That doesn’t exactly come out of nowhere either.. her training as Med Aide had previously put her as the woman in charge for many many years on the PM staff and the responsibility of that position has left a mark on her as an employee.. someone to count on in case you had a question about a resident or if there was an issue that required critical thinking in a hurry. Milon will always be a one to count on and that’s why we’re grateful to celebrate her role as ACA today.

Hats off and due respect for our fellow employee Milon who marks 19 years with AEC Living!