Kitchen Safety for Seniors

Being safe and comfortable in their own home is important to every senior. One way to help ensure the senior in your life remains safe is to evaluate every room possible for risks. Several common risks found in the kitchen are outlined below and the suggestions listed may help prevent falls, and ensure a longer, more comfortable stay at home.


  • Are there floor mats or rugs in the kitchen? Removing floor rugs, or securing them to the floor with a slip resistant backing, may help prevent tripping and falling.
  • Is it necessary to reach far, bend over, or climb on a stool to get commonly-used kitchen items and foods? Rearranging cupboards and drawers so the most-used items are waist high can help prevent strain. When reaching for higher items, using a sturdy stepstool with a grab bar may help prevent falls, Never use a chair as a stepstool.
  • Is there liquid, food, grease, or other clutter on the floor? Sweeping often and wiping up spills immediately help reduce the chances of slipping.
  • Is there enough clear counter space? Storing those items used less often off the counter will provide more useable workspace, which can help prevent spills and cuts from improperly balanced objects.
  • Are pantry/cupboard supplies current and unexpired? Expiration dates can be difficult to find and/or read; regularly checking and removing expired food can help prevent illness.