Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

This year marks a very historic Thanksgiving in the history of our company.. it should be the first where we’ve not had all our families’ smiling faces to visit for our annual Thanksgiving Lunch.
The CDC’s strong recommendation this Thanksgiving is that holiday travel and visitation should be kept to a minimum. Since COVID’s unprecedented resurgence, we’ve seen an alarming number of cases on the rise sweeping past previous numbers in April and May. It seems like a truly sad occasion, but it doesn’t have to be.
We’re fortunate in 2020 to be able to be present in our families lives in ways we couldn’t have dreamed possible even 15 years ago. Phone calls, texting, and real time video hang outs provide a digital presence.. in essence, we can provide a virtual effigy of ourselves to be there for our loved ones.. even if it means just leaving the phone on and hanging out, watching the football game together. Cheering and sharing special moments without a designated purpose gives a sense of company and warmth. You can take your mother, father, neighbor, brother, sister, aunt or uncle with you in your pocket with the camera facing out as you cut the turkey.. hopefully they give you a little bit of slack on the technique ;D.
This holiday season, we still have things to be thankful for and to celebrate family and coming together. And we have the ability to do that in so many new and interesting ways, it might take a bit of creativity sometimes, but love and sense of family usually wins out in the end. 
From all of us to you,