Gary Celebrates 11 years at AEC Living

Let’s take a special moment to honor Gary D. who has been the calm center at which the storm of the kitchen operates. Gary D., as Lead Wait staff and Prep Cook has been with us since 2010; having started out as line cook at our nursing home and then was transferred to The Lodge in 2010. Gary’s been a clutch employee at the side of Nancy our dietitian at the nursing home, Barbara’s right hand man at the Lodge and is now the go to cook  for everything under the sun that fits into our Lodge chef’s imagination. To say that having such experience and calm under pressure makes things a breeze in the kitchen is an understatement. Gary’s always been there to get your back and will definitely feed you if you’re hungry.. a little extra sauce and a little extra kindness have always been Gary’s unwritten motto.

Shout out to you Gary, you’ve earned it.