Elders Inn Residents Honor First Responders

Residents treat Alameda Firefighters to a special thank you.

Elders Inn residents took a walk over to Alameda Fire Station #2 to deliver a thank you gift of home baked cookies to our brave fire fighters. Each year, on September 11th, Elders Inn residents honor first responders in memory of those whose lives were lost and in recognition of the courageous men and women who jumped into action, with their only focus being to save lives, on September 11, 2001.

The Alameda Fire Department is dedicated to the citizens of Alameda by providing, not only emergency services, but community education and training, community service and fundraising for local charities, housing safety, and the new community paramedic program, to name just a few.

Elders Inn, and the whole AEC Living family, are proud of our emergency responders and remain forever grateful.