Daylight Savings Time Reminder and a Quick History Lesson

Don’t forget that this weekend we all have to turn back our clocks one hour for Day Light Savings Time.  On Sunday Night at 2am, we will all have to “Fall Back” as we gain another hour.

Daylight Savings Time  (DLST) is not commonly used around the world, and even a couple states in the United States, one being Arizona do not use Daylight Savings Time.   One of our Founding Fathers, Franklin Roosevelt proposed the idea of changing time to adjust to the weinging daylight in the winter time in order to maximize the work the day.  Modern Daylight Savings was propsed in1895 by New Zelander G. V. Hudson in order to give people more leisure time during daylight after work.  However, DLST was not put into affect for another 20 years when in 1916 the Germans and their allies in WWI used the concept of DLST to minimize coal use during wartime.  It wasn’t until two years after the Germans put DLST into practice, did the United States see the benefit to the time shift and from 1918 on Americans have been changing clocks twice year.