Crisis Support Services for at Risk Seniors in Alameda County

Many people do not know that there is a fairly high rate of suicide in the senior community in Alameda County. The senior community only accounts for 10% or the population but people 65 and older account for 14% of all suicides. Luckily in Alameda county there are services offered to seniors who are feeling depressed due to social isolation, loss, grief, financial uncertainty or family discord. Many of these factors can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and, when coupled with increased isolation and self-neglect, can undermine all around health.


Luckily, Crisis Support Services exists and its goal is to support the senior community in Alameda County by offering grief support, mental heath services and crisis intervention. This free service currently serves more than 160 seniors within Alameda county through in home visits and on-site counseling; this means seniors have a choice to either be seen at home or to go to the CSS North Oakland office. The program is open to seniors within Alameda county, usually low income or home bound, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to these types of services.


Every visit is beneficial by lessening the issue of isolation, helping seniors find their voice and bring meaning to their life. There are also a number of support groups offered to older adults. If you want more information on Crisis Support Services please go to For information on how to access these services you can also contact the Senior Counseling Program Director Devah DeFusco at (510)420-2475.