Brrrr! Safety tips for seniors during the winter season


It’s the time of the season again. Here are a few tips to help you and your loved one enjoy a safer winter.

Dress for Warmth

With the drop in temperature, there is an increase in hypothermia in seniors. Hypothermia is a condition where the body temperature dips too low. More than half of hypothermia-related deaths were of people over the age of 65. So don’t let indoor temperatures go too low, not below 65 degrees. Dress in layers, wear warm clothing, and when going outside include a warm hat, gloves and a scarf.

Falls during the winter

Help yourself and your loved one by doing a walk-through the house and entryways to the home. Look for tripping hazards and remove them. Check to see if steps to the home gets slippery when wet. You can purchase nonskid strips for steps to decrease risks. Falls that are caused by slipping on icy steps can result in serious injury.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Space heaters or generators can be dangerous when incorrectly installed and operated. Follow proper placement instructions and directions of usage. Check to be sure a space heater or electric blanket is being used correctly and safely. Also,please check that Carbon Monoxide and smoke detectors have new batteries. If not working properly,purchase a new up-to-date device.

Seasonal depression

Cold weather means fewer activities and social contact. This inactivity and isolation can cause depression.To help avoid these issues, family members can check in on seniors as often as possible; Short visits or a daily phone call can make a big difference. Seniors can also arrange a check-in system with neighbors and friends, where each person looks in on one or two others daily.

Remember the importance of proper nutrition and hydration during this time decreases the risk of malnutrition and dehydration. Taking proper precautions can help avoid a hospital visit. Be sure your senior has their supply of prescribed medication. If your senior has a cold, follow up with the doctor regarding over-the-counter medications that will work best for them.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy winter season.