Bedroom Safety for Seniors

Being safe and comfortable in their own home is important to every senior. One way to help ensure the senior in your life remains safe is to evaluate every room for possible risks. Several common risks in the bedroom are outlined below and the suggestions listed may help prevent falls, and ensure a longer, more comfortable stay at home.


  • Is there a long reach from bed to a light? Moving the bedside lamp closer or mounting a light on the headboard may help prevent falls out of bed.
  • Is there a telephone within easy reach of laying in bed? A phone extension, or portable handset, kept within easy reaching distance of bed can help prevent falls and make it easier to call for help when necessary.
  • Is it necessary to get out of bed or reach far to get eyeglasses? Storing glasses within easy reach may makes it easier to avoid obstacles and may help prevent falls.
  • Are there telephone, television, extension, or other cords running along the floor? Cords can pose a tripping hazard. Its is a good idea to route cords so they do not cross walking paths or to have an electrician install additional outlets to reduce the need for extension cords.
  • Is there clutter (clothes, shoes, books, etc.) on the floor? Removing clutter from the walking paths and floor helps reduce the chances of tripping over it.
  • Are late night, or multiple, bathroom runs common? A portable commode near the bed can decrease nightly wandering; or nightlights can be used to help light the way.