Bathroom Safety for Seniors

Being safe and comfortable in their own home is important to every senior. One way to help ensure the senior in your life remains safe is to evaluate every room for possible risks. Several common risks in the bathroom are outlined below and the suggestions listed may help prevent falls, and ensure a longer, more comfortable stay at home.


  • Is the path from the bedroom to the bathroom dark? Nightlights can be helpful in lighting the way.
  • Are towel racks used to balance or grab onto while getting in or out of the tub/shower? Towel racks may not be mounted well enough to support a person’s weight. Install grab rails in the appropriate places instead. 
  • Are the shower doors used for balance when getting into or out of the shower? Shower doors can move and may not provide enough support. A grab rail in the shower is safer.
  • Is it difficult to stand during a shower? A shower seat allows older adults to shower without getting tired of standing or risking a fall because of dizziness.
  • Is there any water on the floor after a bath or shower? Use a bathmat with a slip resistant backing and check the tub/shower for leaks or missing caulking.
  • Is it necessary to reach far or turn around to get towels, shampoo, and soap? A bath caddy that reduces the need to twist in the tub can help prevent slips and falls.
  • Is it difficult to get on and off the toilet? A higher seat or handrails near the toilet can assist with standing and help prevent falls.