An Attitude of Gratitude

The holidays can bring out a lot of positive feelings and emotions in people, and they’re induced by much more than just turkey! In a recent article in LiveScience, Tia Ghose examines the wealth of scientific literature linking gratitude with improved health and wellbeing. Some of the benefits of expressing gratitude include:

  • Improved sleep quality and duration
  • Healthier levels of cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Lower lifetime risk of anxiety and depression
  • Higher rates of adherence to dietary and medical regimens

An interesting caveat of this power of gratitude is that it works better when focused on others. In a recent paper published in the Journal of Positive Psychology, it was shown that keeping a diary of blessings boosted happiness significantly more than recalling a sense of pride in one’s own accomplishments. Acts of kindness and gratitude towards others tend to be reciprocated or passed on, providing fuel for a virtuous cycle of good vibrations. On behalf of all those affiliated with the AEC Living community, we wish you a very happy holiday season, and hope that everyone has the opportunity to pass on a whole lot of happiness with a little bit of gratitude.