AEC Living Supports the Frank Bette Center for the Arts

AEC Living is proud to sponsor the Frank Bette Center for the Arts!  We are sponsoring 2 main exhibits on their 2017 calendar:

Looking Back at the 60’s Civil Rights Movement

Photographs by Howard Harawitz

March 3rd-April 1st

Plein Air Paintout

July 31st-August 5th

Opening reception

Friday, March 10th, 2017

Frank Bette Center for the Arts

1601 Paru St., Alameda

from 7pm-9pm

Not only will AEC underwrite these two exhibits, but look for Frank Bette resident artists teaching satellite art classes at The Lodge at Harbor Bay…coming soon!

AEC Living and our family of senior services support Alameda Arts!

Though each member of AEC Living is a separate entity, we consider ourselves a community.  Our community is bigger than that though, we are part of Alameda’s wonderful community, part of the larger Bay Area community, and part of the global community.  We believe that our actions have an impact on our community, and we take that into consideration when making decisions.

frank bette