Stephanie S. S. is Celebrated Here as She Surpasses her Second Year as Med Aide at Elders Inn

You can often find Stephanie in the Med Aide office peering over her pouring and logging the usual meds, delivered in big bags from our pharmacies in the community. There’s a lot of detailed work that goes into managing the medications for our residents at Elders Inn because the needs of our residents are always changing as their level of care increases, or hopefully decreases.. it takes a great deal of familiarity to get the needs of our residents just right and thankfully Stephanie has been doing a bang up job of it for the last 2 years. To wit, the job is old hat by now and it’s just second nature.. but Stephanie takes the care in which she administers her medication in stride to even the fussy residents who’ll turn their nose up at good medicine. It takes a certain knack and a spoon full of emotional sugar to support that medicine going down and Stephanie is as sweet as she is savvy, which makes us all the more thankful that Stephanie is there for us and the residents and families are grateful to have her there to ease their pain.

Good job Stephanie!