2nd Annual Elders Inn Talent Show

The 2nd Annual Elders Inn Talent Show was the best one yet! Who knew we had such talented staff and residents?!

We had a wide range of talent from card tricks with our Administrator, Dave, with some of residents participating. “Silver Bells,” a group consisting of our Activities Coordinator, Nancy and some residents, they sang 5 songs total! Our Resident Care Coordinator, Shardha, dressed in a beautiful, traditional Nepali outfit, was dancing to Nepali music. We even relieved our Head Receptionist, Sean, to participate with a few original piano pieces. One of our nurses, Abigail, sang a beautiful church spiritual song, Nancy once again participated, but this time she sang a duet with our PCA, Vicky, and Kathy, our Director of Community Affairs & Education, sang an original song about Alameda!

It was truly entertaining to see all our talent in a fun setting rather than make it a competition. We gave a prize to everyone who participated. Great incentive for next year’s talent show!