Stress Reduction

Reducing Stress Through Exercise

Throughout our day, there are a lot of things that can stress us out. Whether it’s missing an appointment, bills, or even just everyday activities. It can be hard to manage the stress from our day to day lives but there is one way to help manage and reduce stress. This way is through exercise! We all know that exercise is good for the body but one great benefit exercise can do for us is help manage our stress.

Exercise can pump up your endorphins which are a neurotransmitter that gives the sensation of feeling good. These endorphins are responsible for having what is referred to as the “runner’s high” for seniors, they can possibly get this effect from walking outdoors for an extended period of time. Getting outdoors and breathing fresh air helps reduce some stress as well. Another way exercise reduces stress is “meditation in motion.” What this means is that if you’re so focused on exercising, you tend to forget about the other worries that go on throughout your day. Lastly, exercise improves your mood. Not often do you hear a person say, “I wish I would have never done a work out.” Exercise usually leaves you feeling good, not just physically and mentally, it also makes you feel accomplished and helps to relax you. Feeling more relaxed can improve your sleep.

Overall, exercise can help you manage your stress by releasing endorphins, distracting your stresses and increasing your self confidence by feeling accomplished. Start to take control of your stress by adding a walk or a few exercises to your daily routine.

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