Safari Dinner at The Lodge

World Tour – Africa

The drums were beating as the safari guides began pouring wine. It was a fabulous start to this month’s World Tour dinner as we listened to the sound of African Drum Masters and enjoyed a glass of South African wine or ginger beer before dinner. Since we spent the month of April exploring the continent of Africa, our dinner was safari themed and the foods we indulged in from the many corners of the continent. We began with our Tanzanian Trio of appetizers which included Vegetable Groundnut Soup, Fennel and Orange Salad, and a Prawn Dipper. Our main course was Savannah Skewers with the choice of lamb, chicken, or vegetables. To end the evening we enjoyed thinly sliced melon with a delicious mint and honey drizzle.

The World Tour is a program we have been developing for over 20 years. Through this program, each month we focus on exploring different cultures and people from around the world. The World Tour dives into an exploration of food, music, and history of the various regions of our beautiful planet through lunch outings, special performers, parties, documentaries, trivia, and concludes with a specially themed dinner event. The World Tour Dinners are an interesting and delicious way for us all to try different foods from the region of the world we are exploring each month.

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