Power of the Senior Vote

Senior Vote Power!

The general election is right around the corner and the senior vote has clout!

Kryspin Turczynski, founder of the Silver Tribe Institute, will take you on a journey through American politics, using historical data and anecdotes to explain how seniors have managed to claim significant influence in the electoral process.
Representatives from the Registrar of Voters will also be here to answer questions about voter registration.

Alameda Free Library

1550 Oak St., Alameda

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016

from 1-2 P.M.

Refreshments and Peet’s Coffee will be served!
Reservations are preferred and can be made by calling the Elders Village Office 510-254-3090 or
by e-mailing eldersvillage@aecliving.com

Elders Village is an Alameda based non-profit that believes in educating seniors, and those who care for them, about services and opportunities available to them in Alameda and the surrounding area.

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This free educational event is presented by Elders Village, an Alameda based 501(c)(3).  Funding provided by AEC Living.