Lorena G Marks her 3rd year as Caregiver at the Elders Inn

Lorena, started out as one of the greatest housekeeper Elder’s Inn has ever seen, but after a couple years, it seems that she has made her mark as a truly invaluable caregiver at Elders Inn. Lorena is hyper professional and is as personable as she is professional which makes her a dream to work with. All the staff at Elders Inn get along with her and the residents find her easy going and dependable as well. She’s been seen with a resident who’s agitated, or possibly out of sorts and her mere presence is enough to calm them down and she redirects them with ease.. “C’mon come with me. We’ll get that taken care of.” And instantly the resident is transformed. It’s simply wonderful. We train for these sorts of things all the time, but some things you just can’t train.  It’s great to have a person like Lorena there who’s not only someone you can count on but a friendly spirit that greets you every day with a smile.


Thanks Lorena, you rock!