Labor Day BBQ Lunch at Elders Inn

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Hi everyone! Our Labor Day barbecue lunch at Elders Inn was a blast!

The weather was perfect for eating outdoors on our beautiful patio, which featured festive gingham tablecloths and other patriotic decorations.  Our residents were smiling ear-to-ear enjoying our delicious lunch.

The food was cooked to perfection. Our kitchen staff went all out, the chicken served was moist and flavorful as they say, “finger lickin’ good!’  Edna’s corn salad is always a big hit as well as the potato salad, apple pie and watermelon.  All our staff pitched in to make our event memorable going the extra mile to make sure everyone was happy and content making the event feel like a big family get together.

Our musical entertainer, Jerry G., on guitar, serenaded us by keeping with the holiday spirit which was already in the air.

All in all, residents and staff really enjoyed our special time together on this Labor Day 2016!  Till next year, my friends!

barbecue icon set