Kelsey Passes her 8th anniversary at Elders Inn

-Kelsey H. has worked with us for more than half a decade now at 8 years bringing smiles and joy to our staff and residents alike as MCA and Activities coordinator.

When Kelsey interviewed for the job of Activities coordinator at Elders Inn she flat out said with determination, “This is the job I want the most.” It’s been with that amount of determination mixed with a tremendous heart, patience, and understanding that have lead her to be the most kind, colorful and sweetest Activities Coordinators we’ve had the chance to know for 8 years. Add that on top of our other Activities coordinator Nancy’s impressive and loving demeanor, and you have some of the greatest heart and soul that eldercare in Alameda has to offer. Even if a resident can be fussy, or stubborn, Kelsey has the patience to ride it out and the research behind the profession to back it up since she spends a good deal of her spare time researching eldercare and senior psychology. As an MCA (Memory Care Assistant) that not only makes her job easier, but it also leads to less frustration on the part of our residents with Mild Cognitive Impairment. She’s a friend to our residents, and staff alike and will always have an ear for a family member and smile for the day.

The best to you on your employment anniversary!