Intimacy After 50… Here’s what you missed!

Isadora Alman, askisadora, a renowned sex therapist spoke with a group of attendees in a very frank and active discussion on sex, changes in our bodies as we age, communication, and relationships at an Elders Village seminar held at the Alameda Free Library on February 17th. The enthusiastic audience was reluctant to leave the event and continued to ask questions and receive thoughtful answers on issues of senior intimacy. Isadora Alman is a regular contributor to Psychology Today magazine and has published many books on relationships and, yes, senior sex. Make sure to read Isadora’s byline as published in Psychology Today.

Elders Village Talks are free educational seminars on topics of importance, or interest, to the ever-growing senior population, their friends, and their families. Look for upcoming talks on downsizing, meditation, the impact of the senior vote, and many more. Visit Elders Village to stay updated on these informative talks!


Elders Village is an Alameda based non-profit that believes in educating seniors, and those who care for them, about services and opportunities available to then in Alameda and the surrounding area.

The Elders Village Talks are something that we here at AEC Living are very proud to sponsor. Almost all year long the Elders Village Talks are a series of free, educational, seminars on topics of importance or interest to seniors and their friends and families.

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