Holiday Tea Party at Elders Inn

Christmas seamless borders

We had our annual Holiday Tea Party for the residents, family and friends on Sunday, December 18th.  All dining rooms were magically transformed by our staff to themed dining rooms that were both enchanting and charming.

Our Webster Street dining room had a music theme, “Can You Hear the Angels Sing?,” with Kelly Park beautifully playing the piano.  The Buena Vista dining room became a “Winter Wonderland,” with Todd Hammerle singing his heart out and playing his guitar to his captive audience with festive music, which was amazing!

Our Garden Neighborhood’s dining room theme was “Gingerbread Cookies & Sweets.”  It was as almost as if you could see the sugar plum fairies dance by.  We had a harp performance by the lovely Erica Messler and the music  was ever so enchanting.

The tea party served various teas in beautiful assorted tea pots.  We had yummy tea sandwiches, cookies and other varied sweets.  The residents and their families loved everything, including Santa, who came and handed everyone candy canes, “Ho-Ho-Ho!”

‘Til next year!  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Christmas seamless borders