#FAQFriday What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Today’s #FAQFriday comes from one of the bigger questions in #eldercare, what’s the difference between #medicare and #medicaid? And more importantly, what does it pay for?
Medi-Cal may pay for Nursing Care and supportive services such as #homecare, personal care, and some supportive services in #assistedliving.
#Medicare being a National care program for the elderly, it tends to be a bit more strict, but it has begun to offer more long term care benefits for the nation’s increasingly aging population. They are often plan specific assistance such as Medicare A, B, or C. They can help with Adult Day care, Respite Care (as in Skilled Nursing), Meal Delivery, Home Modifications (if medical related), and Light Housekeeping.
Still Confused? Who would ever think that Govt bureaucracy is easy to understand? :X But safe to say that Medicare is much more involved in the areas of medical care and medication for the elderly while Medi-cal is geared more specifically for supportive assistance to the aged and might provide some overlap where Medicare lacks. These are general, even if not minor subtle differences between each other. The safer bet, though, is to say each Medicare and Medi-Cal have their own qualifiers and specifics, so it’s helpful to get familiar with how each plan affects your specific needs. While we at AEC Living do offer a lot of assistance for Medicare and Medi-Cal.. such as our DME division at Bay Area Medical Supply and can offer some assistance with AEC Home Care and can offer assistance with setting up medication management with your specific coverage, a lot of what Medicare and Medi-Cal can and cannot pay for is largely dependent on your needs as a resident or prospective resident at AEC. We do think it is wise to investigate your options and see what benefits you qualify for over at medicare.gov or dhcs.ca.gov for Medi-Cal and then if when you’re ready, please give Dave or Michael  a call about what help we can provide for you. 510-748-9700.