Elders Village Talks Recap: Happy Feet Chair Dancing

At the Elders Village Talk Series, “Happy Feet Chair Dancing,” held on February 15th at the Mastick Senior Center, our very own AES Therapy & Fitness Administrator and Medical Exercise Specialist, Alysa Stanford, gave a great presentation on the benefits of Chair Aerobics.

Participants learned that seated dance is a fun, coordinated modification of Chair Aerobics.  They listened to upbeat music while moving their arms one direction and legs in another.  Benefits include an increase in cardiovascular endurance, similar to that achieved in standing classes, as well as improved memory, balance and social well-being.

Chair Dancing is safe for most individuals with mobility impairments, poor balance, or extra weight that may experience pain or a fall in a standing class. In order to achieve the full benefits of a seated dance class, seniors should move continuously for 10 minutes at a time before taking a break and attend class twice per week. A demonstration was done for 20 minutes in which they followed along with salsa, swing, and 50’s rock & roll while breaking a sweat, laughing, and burning off calories.

For more information about studies conducted on Chair Aerobics there are articles under the acronym “CBE“. Classes are offered at Mastick Senior Center as well as The Lodge on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:45am and 1:30pm.

Elders Village is an Alameda based non-profit that believes in educating seniors, and those who care for them, about services and opportunities available to them in Alameda and the surrounding area.

The Elders Village Talks are something that we here at AEC Living are very proud to sponsor. Almost all year long, the Elders Village Talks are a series of free, educational, seminars on topics of importance or interest to seniors and their friends and families.


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This free educational event was presented by Elders Village, an Alameda based 501(c)(3).  Funded by AEC Living.