Elder Village Talks Recap: Aging with a Pet

Elders Village, the non-profit arm of the AEC Living family, sponsored the Elder Village Talks at Mastick Senior Center with an adorable guest star, Duke!  Duke was accompanied by Cindy Shelby from the Friends of of the Alameda Animals Shelter (FAAS), came to discuss pet ownership in our senior years and adopting senior pets.  It has been shown that pets can lower blood pressure, keep us more physically fit, help us focus on something other than ourselves, make us happy by being the recipient of unconditional love!

FAAS is an open-intake shelter located in Alameda, that welcomes all homeless companion animals.  Canine adoption fees are $120 for puppies (six months or younger), $100 for adult dogs, and $50 for dogs 7 years or older.  Feline adoption fees are $100 for kittens (six months or younger), $80 for adult cats, and $40 for cats 7 years or older.  Rabbits are $50.  They are open five days a week, (Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. & Thursdays through Sundays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

If you are 62 years or older, you qualify for their Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program!  You may adopt any cat or dog in the shelter that is 7 years or older for free.  Your new pet comes with everything they need to make a fresh start with you.  They come with the shots they need to stay healthy and they are microchipped in case they get lost.  Their first visit to the veterinarian is on FAAS too!  And because old dogs can learn new tricks, your new pup comes with six weeks of free obedience classes.  What a deal!

The Elders Village Talks are something that we here at AEC Living are very proud to sponsor.  Almost all year long the Elder Village Talks are a series of free, educational, seminars on topics of importance or interest to seniors and their friends and families.  Past presentations have included topics like: Power of the Senior Vote, Arthritis, It’s a Pain in the Joints, Complete Health: Acupunture & Traditional Medicine.


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This free educational event was presented by Elders Village, an Alameda based 501 (c)(3). Funded by AEC Living.