Chinese New Year Dinner at Elders Inn!

We all had a blast at our Chinese New Year Dinner at Elders Inn, as we celebrated the Year of the Rooster!  Friends and family were invited to join this festive holiday.

The residents were amazed how every dining room was transformed into an elegant dining hall complete with beautiful paper lanterns hanging from all of our the ceilings in the dining rooms.  There were also pretty tablecloths, fun centerpieces, vibrant placemats, and festive wall hangings that sealed the look of the Chinese New Year holiday.

Our entertainment was provided by Mandy’s Music & Art, whose tantalizing music put our audience in awe.  One of the best compliments we received was the delicious food that was made by our wonderful kitchen staff. Residents and guests actually thought we had ordered Chinese food from one of our local restaurants!

By all accounts, this was the best Chinese New Year event ever…’til next year!

The World Tour is a program we have been developing for over 20 years. Through this program, each month we focus on exploring different cultures and peoples from around the world.  The World Tour dives into an exploration of food, music, and history of the various regions of our beautiful planet through lunch outings or social meals, performers, parties, documentary studies, and trivia.

Horizontal Banners Set with Chinese New Year.