Caregiver Tip Tuesday: Use Encouragement

#CaregiverTipTuesday.. how many times have you felt down in the face of very challenging circumstances? Then, just when you felt like it wasn’t worth the effort someone was there and said “don’t give up, you’ve come so far, you can do it!” Sometimes being a #caregiver is kind of like being an emotional spotter at the gym, just be there to help your resident over the bump in the road and let them keep going. Sometimes an encouraging word or two is all a resident needs to hear in order to double down on their determination in completeing a task. This also helps them in the long run too because it helps train a resident to remain dependent for as long as possible without relying on the caregiver for total support, which is a real burden for both the resident and the caregiver.
As #caregivers, we want to give our residents as much freedom and the ability to enjoy their lives to the fullest and a simple “Just a little more, farther now, you got it!” really does go a long way to helping a resident stay active, build self esteem, and be confident in themselves.