AEC Living Supports Girls Inc of the Island City

AEC Living supports local educational and charitable organizations proudly.

Last night we were honored to be recognized as a STRONG Partner of Girls Inc of the Island City.

AEC Living supports our local community. Giving back and community participation are two of our core values, and giving back to our local youth is both an honor and a pleasure. The children of Alameda do so much for us: kindergartners entertain us with their songs, elementary and middle school students visit us to show off their musical style and reading skills, and local high school students work with residents to learn about the history of popular art and entertainment, it is our pleasure to support those organizations that work to support them.

Girls Inc. of the Island City

girls inc logoSince 1964, Girls Inc. of the Island City has empowered more than 20,000 girls in the city of Alameda to realize their potential as fearless, goal-oriented women. Through their national, research-based curriculum, girls discover the skills to live STRONG and healthy, SMART and educated, & BOLD and independent. They work to support local girls, and their families, and it has been a pleasure working with them to help the next generation of young women succeed.

AEC Living’s Core Values are Family, Education, Giving Back, and Community.

FAMILY – As a family owned and operated company that’s purpose is to care for your family, we believe in the value of the family connection and that some familial connections have little to do with blood relationships and a lot to do with the connections developed between people who work to support and care for one another. And that families, of all kinds, are important for a happy and healthy life.

EDUCATION – We believe that on-going education is essential to quality of life – educating our staff about the new methods of care; staff and residents alike learning new languages to better communicate with each other; listening to the stories and experiences of our residents and learning from the past; daily learning to work together and live together and get along – these things combine to make sure that not only are we improving the physical care and comforts we provide to our residents, but we are improving the quality of life for our residents and staff alike.

GIVING BACK – We take pride in our record of giving back to our community; we love Alameda, and want it to continue to be a place we are proud to come from and proud to be in, and we believe that building a better community requires participation – you must contribute time, talent and treasure.

COMMUNITY – Though each member of AEC Living is a separate entity, we consider ourselves a community. Our community is bigger than that though, we are part of Alameda’s wonderful community, part of the larger Bay Area community, and part of the global community. We believe that our actions have an impact on our community, and we take that into consideration when making decisions.