Steve Pham is the Associate Administrator of Elders Inn. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz, with a B.S. in Psychology, Steve is the second person in his family to graduate from UCSC, the 4th overall, and the first grandchild. After some interest in the medical world and going to school for phlebotomy, Steve began his career with AEC Living in 2015 as a Med-Aide at Waters Edge Lodge. In 2017, he joined the Associate Administrator Training Program, and now works closely with Marie Lagasca-Cruz, learning the ins and outs of managing an assisted living facility.

Steve is an August child (and a Virgo) and happy to have the opportunity to grow within the company and can usually be found walking around the building asking residents about their day. He enjoys the old saying “You learn something new every day” and applies that to work every day. He has dabbled in almost every job in the facility, with the exception of working in the kitchen (one day he’ll venture into those lands).

AEC Living is like a big family to him, “Your residents are like your grandparents. The staff are like your aunts, uncles, siblings who know how to drive you crazy sometimes. But the goal is to care for each other and one another.”