Wellness Carnival Raffle Winners Due to be Announced…

What a rousingly fun time we had last week at the Wellness Carnival! Everyone who had the opportunity to complete all the fitness tests had a chance to spin the wheel and enter their name in our raffle. Well, the dust has finally cleared, the frog jump game has migrated back to storage along with the milk bottle knockover, -awaiting patiently for our next carnival themed event. Those who’ve submitted their names in our raffle have been put into a hat (or is that a fancy knitting basket..? -same difference :?) and blindly selected as a prize winner. We’ve been fortunate there’ve been a lot of entries and the winners will be contacted to claim their prizes.

Also at this time the residents might feel entitled to feel lucky about their winnings but we feel fortunate to have such great and attentive volunteers for this event. Round of applause for those AES Volunteers who came through in a pinch when it was really needed!

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