Tyler D. Celebrates His First Employment Anniversary with AES Therapy & Fitness

In his very short time with AEC Living and AES Therapy Tyler has exhibited an extremely positive attitude and has been an almost literal golden light when it comes to his interaction with residents. Tyler’s enthusiasm seems comes from a place of genuine caring and heart while making it a solemn duty to keep our residents healthy through physical fitness. In so many ways the foundation of good gerontology and it’s most effective medicine is through movement, range of motion exercises, and the ability to stay active for as long as possible.. It’s obvious that Tyler sees this and knows that his place within our company is a very important one to both our residents and the company as a whole. And he sees the benefits and what his residents gain from his classes every day, which is possibly what keeps him jumping out of bed in the morning to come to work with great enthusiasm..

Tyler is a model employee whose attitude is infectious and is one of the most joyful spirits at the lodge, we’re very lucky to have him guiding our residents every day. Very sincere appreciation to you Tyler! Thank you for being with us.