Todd V. Won’t be Made to Wait Any Longer for His First Employment Anniversary as Wait Staff at The Lodge

You see them hustling hard making sure everything is right before and after each meal and making sure the tables are set with perfection. Usually, going above and beyond just average service and making place settings for a happy hour or giving a hand in the kitchen if asked.. Wait staff isn’t exactly the truest title to the job, but it encompasses a good deal of the hard work associated with making sure the residents’ tastes are well cared for. Todd’s always helping out where it’s needed and plays a key role in making sure his tables are cared for and happy.. It’s been with employees like Todd, that we’ve found greater happiness from our residents who rely on mealtimes as a social hour. As such, our residents are in there good and early to make sure they don’t miss who’s coming to dinner and the wait staff is always pleased to let them know what the Chef’s special is because it’s usually something truly delicious.

Thanks, Todd for being apart of a great Waitstaff team at the Lodge.. your presence is welcome and appreciated always.