Sarah V is Celebrated in Her Role as Associate Administrator for her Third Year at the Lodge.

Basically, Sarah’s second silent Associate Administrator at the Lodge. Being an administrator at The Lodge is a really tough job which is why sometimes the weight of being an admin is shared on the shoulders of 3 people; Enrique R. and now, Ida. The Associate Administrator at The Lodge answers to the Administrator, but in reality, it’s more co-administration with a lot of the functional aspects of running the facility such as scheduling, staff management put into Ida’s hands. But Sarah takes care of the details as the secondary Associate Admin. to keep the Lodge running smoothly. Sarah makes time to care for the residents and can be seen with them answering questions and being a general comfort to be around, since her sweet disposition is a very calming presence every moment while she’s on the job.

Sarah’s only been on the job for 3 years but has been such an integral part of the Administration that it feels like she’s an old soul within in the company and has always been apart of AEC Living. We’re very grateful to have her and happy to celebrate her here on her 3rd year anniversary.