Not all superheroes wear capes but sometimes we think Jessica should.

Jessica is our driver and messenger and the main reason why our facilities are connected.. not only as a business but for residents as well. Jessica has a tight schedule to keep and she runs it well. Jess has been with the company since 2002 and has been invaluable as an employee, so much so she just got our 5 star award, our company’s highest honor to be awarded to the employee that makes the biggest difference to our staff and residents. Jessica can be most likened to superhero status because she always comes through in a pinch.. she cannot deviate from her schedule or else leave a resident stranded, but somehow she always, always makes it through and never ever disappoints. I think she told me once she woke up in a cold sweat.. dreaming of a nightmare scenario, “I forgot a resident!!” but then she remembered it wasn’t true.. and breathes easy and falls back to sleep because it’s never happened and probably never will happen, not once in 16 years. That’s some track record and one that we’re definitely proud of..

I’d say take a bow Jess, but someone said she already left for The Lodge to take the residents on a lunch outing… 🚗

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