With few transit options Seniors at risk of being stuck at home, study says

Older Americans who are “aging in place” are in danger of being stuck at home due to limited public transportation options. Even though the Bay Area is ranked as one of the highest in the nation for public transportation it is still stranding an estimated 135,000 seniors, which is a 35% increase since 2000. Studies suggest that the numbers of isolated seniors will increase in the near future if Congress moves forward with its plan to cut funding to public transportation services.

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Loneliness Hurts the Heart

How this chronic form of stress can lead to heart disease
Lead writer: Ray Hainer
From Health.Com

Being alone can break your heart—literally.
People who lack a strong network of friends and family are at greater risk of developing—and dying from—heart disease, research shows. According to some studies, the risk of solitude is comparable

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The Elders

By: David Ruttan
I recently had the pleasure to see a short movie detailing a new concept of organizing for world peace.  They call themselves “The Elders” and the group consists of world leaders, both political and religious, who have banded together to make a difference and promote world peace.  The group consists of many

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