Lisa H. is heralded as our Heroic Administrative Assistant at AEC Therapy and Fitness After Her First Year

Lisa has that quiet administrative experience that always shows up whenever you need it. I would be easy to say that Lisa can be underestimated because she’s so quiet and unassuming. But behind that desk, she knocks out project after project, and she’s shown that she has the experience to back it up. As a former

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Jenna V. Revels Victoriously in Her First Year as Trainer at AES Therapy and Fitness

Jenna is a bright and patient Trainer at AES Therapy & Fitness with enough strength and grace to handle some of our most needful residents. She’s always there in the room with a smile to walk with a resident and make sure their footing remains safe, secure and literally on the right path to recovery. Congratulations on

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In The News: AEC Living’s Senior Wellness Carnival as featured in The Patch

Echoing a long-held sentiment by AEC Living, The Patch says “It’s never too late to start exercising.”
In fact, exercising is one of the things we value the most, and our therapy department is our most proud and outstanding division within AEC Living. Why? because it often turns people around for the better and achieves long-lasting

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25th Annual National Senior Health and Fitness Day!

Join fellow Alameda seniors for a fun and free fitness fair,
May 30th from 1 pm – 3 pm.
On this day, we will join an estimated 100,000 older adults across the country participating in local activities to help promote active, healthy lifestyles through physical activity, good nutrition, and preventive care.
Celebrate, learn, have fun,

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Thriving with Parkinson’s Day: Dance Moves Me!

AES Therapy and Fitness is holding a free Parkinson’s class at The Lodge in honor of thriving with Parkinson’s Day.

A fun class of dance and rhythmic movement for people at all levels. Care partners, friends, and family are invited. The event starts up with specifying the purpose of the class, the class itself and is

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Free Lecture Series in Honor of National Parkinson’s Awareness Month

Free Parkinson’s Lecture Series in Honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month

A four-week introduction to managing a Parkinson’s diagnosis. Each lecture will elaborate on a symptom of the disease and ways to combat it, including at home exercises.
Wednesdays at Waters Edge Lodge, 801 Island Drive, Alameda, CA 94502
RSVP & Info: 510.748.0158
1 Stand Tall: Overview of anticipated postural and balance changes. Stretch together and try

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