Caregiver Tip Tuesday: Make Time For Yourself.

Caregiver Tip Tuesday..

Today’s #CareGiverTipTuesday is brought to you by the folks over at Elder Care at Home ( ). And that is taking the time to keep yourself present and fit with the proper mood to handle what is often the stressful job of caregiving.. and more, avoiding #caregiverburnout.

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Caregiver Tuesday: Make sure your medication list is up to date and Safely Dispose of Prescription Drugs

It is time to review your Prescription medications, Over The Counter, and even dietary supplements. Take some time to review the drug facts, and learn how to take your medications correctly. So many of us miss the littlest details and not take them incorrectly. It’s also very important to talk to your health care providers about everything you’re taking because

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Caregiver Tuesday: Sharpen The Mind, Work At Keeping Your Mind As Fit & Sharp As Possible

Seniors can practice good mental health habits.  Here are some simple guidelines that can even be adapted to the abilities of the frail and the cognitively impaired.
±  Make decisions.  The process of working through information and situations, then reaching a conclusion, sharpens the mind and adds to one’s independence.
±  Get going.  Movement and exercise help

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