Caitlin O. is Owed Applause on Her Second Year With The Lodge

Caitlin cracks her 2nd year as a dietary aid and now is a lead Cook with The Waters Edge Lodge. A wise and hard worker who knows her way around the kitchen. Caitlin always shows up with a smile and dedication to her work and does it with a smile no matter what the situation.. which as you can imagine is quite a relief to know that someone like Caitlin is around when you have your crème brûlée still needing to be glazed with a torch and the alarm on the steamer is going off and you just know the brisket is, is, is.. [ACK!] despite the stresses of the job and our demanding resident’s palates.. Caitlin takes it all in stride and that’s why we’re happy to call her our fellow employee! Straighten up your chef’s coat and stand tall. This one’s for you.