A-Jay B Brings 3 years of Awesome Service as Dishwasher at the Lodge

Lowly dishwasher..? Never at The Lodge, you’re a hero among the dietary staff and the people who eat off of clean sanitary dishware at every meal. A-Jay’s work has a direct effect on the health of our residents and his work definitely doesn’t go unnoticed. A dishwasher may seem low on the caregiving foodchain but it’s a vital link to the happiness and contentment of the dietary staff and the people who’re served food every day. And it’s not only dishwashing, it’s also keeping the kitchen neat and the food prep surfaces clean.. You walk into the kitchen, or rather peer into it.. ordinary staffers aren’t allowed to just waltz into the kitchen because of sanitary purposes… and you’ll see all the stainless steel, -the hanging ladles, and cutlery are ‘mise en place’ and shining to be used by our kitchen staff.

Without A-Jay life in the kitchen would certainly be a pain and we’re glad you’re with us to do all the great unsung hero work in the kitchen every day.